A specialized team to preserve traditional trades

KALAM’s background includes 35 years dedicated to the comprehensive rehabilitation, restoration and preservation of historical buildings. We have maintained as a primary objective the creation and continuous training of the best team of professionals, who have accumulated valuable experience through the work in the magnificent buildings that we have had the privilege to rehabilitate all around the world. A portfolio that includes more than 30 interventions on monuments and sites declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

The architects, engineers, graduates in Fine Arts, restorers, experts in the department of materials and pathology, traditional trades and specialists in construction trades, that form our professional team; are coordinated by highly qualified middle managers and the Logistics Department, who make possible an effective collaboration and communication with all client representatives who rely on our services. We support these professionals in all project phases, including previous studies and concept, always ensuring the best offer in terms of economic assessment and quality assurance.

KALAM has always been engaged in cultural heritage initiatives and we strengthen our activity promoting specialized conferences, participating in research projects with academic entities and editing thematic publications; all while working with the different agencies that represent historic preservation. Our experience and expertise has been implemented internationally in countries as diverse as Chile, France, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, the Dominican Republic or Angola; which adds to our extensive experience in Spain, where we have incorporated into our loyal clientele important international companies such as Banco Santander, General Electric, Zurich, Telefónica, La Caixa, or the world largest retail group, who owns the greatest portfolio of historical buildings in the private sector.

We are honored by all the distinctions achieved throughout our trajectory. Wanting to highlight the recognition of our work, on two occasions, in the European Union Awards for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra, one of the most relevant worldwide in the field of Heritage conservation. The first one in 2016 with the Special Mention in the category of Dedication to Heritage Service and the second one in 2018 in the category of Conservation for the Restoration of the Façade of the College of San Ildefonso of the University of Alcalá de Henares, in which the international Jury awarded the excellent restoration carried out by our teams, highlighting the respectful recovery of the historical patina of such a unique monument.

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Jesús Hontiveros - Manager
Jesús Hontiveros
Javier De La Calle
Javier De La Calle
Alejandro García
Alejandro García
Strategic Advisor

Technical Team

Ruben Garcia - Construction Manager
Rubén García

Construction Manager

Fernando Aranda - Senior Site Manager
Fernando Aranda

Senior Site Manager

Dave Sinaguglia
Dave Sinaguglia
Senior Project Manager
Master Carpenter
Ignacio Ferrer
Ignacio Ferrer
Site Manager
Luis Montano
Luis Montano
Site Manager

Support Team

Enrique Nuere - Senior Advisor
Enrique Nuere

Senior Advisor

Víctor Carnero
Víctor Carnero

Civil Engineer

Llanos Gómez - Project Manager
Llanos Gómez

Project Manager

KALAM, within the framework of the ICEX Next Program, has received support from ICEX and co-financing from the European ERDF fund. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company.
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