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Facade Restoration

In our extensive professional experience, we have gained the trust of public and private organizations and entities such as the ministries of the countries in which we operate, cultural institutions and prestigious insurance companies. This is only possible with a qualified team of technicians, restorers and traditional trades, specialized in traditional crafts and skills, which Kalam strives to recover through our training facilities. Their expertise and commitment make possible the restoration of the facades and roofs of magnificent buildings and monuments.

Our permanent workforce covers all fields of action within facade restoration. Particularly relevant are our interventions on ornamental facades which require a rigorous approach and include architectural reproductions, made on-site or in our workshop, and on roofs, decorative zinc and lead details.

Our references and expertise guarantee a quality service and compliance with deadlines in the restoration of facades of architectural value, following the due attention to detail and conservation guides required by the regulations of the historic districts.

Canalejas Complex, Madrid, Spain - Facade Restoration

Canalejas Complex, Madrid, Spain

Facade Restoration

Centro Canalejas houses the first Four Seasons Hotel in Spain, along with luxury homes and commercial space. After a previous intervention on the iconic façade located in Alcalá 14, perfect portray of the eclectic monumental architecture of the 19th century, we acted on the Centro Canalejas through restoring its more than 7000 m2 of the seven facades that make up the complex. 

CaixaForum, Madrid, Spain – Facade Restoration

CaixaForum, Madrid, Spain

Facade Restoration

Restoration of the brick facades – the only vestige preserved and incorporated into the project – of an old power station for this well-known intervention of the Herzog & de Meuron study in Madrid, through various and modern restoration procedures with the implementation of artisan crafts.

Bank of Spain, Madrid - National Monument

Bank of Spain, Madrid

Facade Restoration

After a first phase in its Headquarters, we intervene in the consolidation and restoration of the 12.000 m2 of its facades of granite, limestone and marble corresponding to the Main Building and the Enlargement Building of 1975, solving the serious problems of stability of cornices and modillones.

Press Palace, Madrid, Spain - National Monument

Palacio de la Prensa, Madrid, Spain

Facade Restoration

The scope of works for this local landmark by architect Pedro Muguruza, located in Madrid´s iconic Gran Vía as part of one of the city´s most recognizable sights- Plaza de Callao and surroundings- consists of restoring façades, both exterior and interior. This building was one of the first along Gran Via to use exposed brick work.

Villagonzalo Palace, Madrid, Spain - Facade Restoration

Villagonzalo Palace, Madrid, Spain

Facade Restoration

Restoration of the interior and exterior ornamental decoration of this palace, including the recovery of the walls, ceilings, or interior cornices, making molds of the original pieces, polychromies and gilded water in noble rooms, as well as restoration of all wood joinery in the building.

New City Hotel, Santiago - Facade Restoration de Chile

New City Hotel, Santiago de Chile

Facade Restoration

Comprehensive restoration of the façades of the former City Hotel, built in 1938. First stage of the comprehensive rehabilitation of the building for its transformation into a luxury hotel in the center of the capital. Cleaning, restitution and enhancement of its facades and ornaments, in an eclectic style where the Art Deco and Neo-Gothic elements stand out.

Iquique Theater, Chile - National Monument

Iquique Theater, Chile

Facade Restoration

Rehabilitation of this property with a strong Renaissance touch, whose structure is entirely built in Oregon pine. A first phase included an integrated management of plagues, registration and inventory of the artistic elements of its interior. The second phase included its facade, of great artistic and ornamental value.

Spanish Embassy, La Havana, Cuba - National Monument

Spanish Embassy, La Havana, Cuba

Facade Restoration

Rehabilitation and restoration of the facades and roofs of this beautiful building that houses the old Palace of Velasco Sarra, located on the Malecon in Old Havana. Highlights of the project include the reproduction of the architectural elements, the restoration of the sculptural pieces, the friars, the carpentry, the installations and the conditioning of the complex.

Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain - National Monument

Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain

Facade Restoration

We restore the façades of the Círculo de Bellas Artes by architect Antonio Palacios, iconic building in Madrid’s urban landscape. The treatments of the different surfaces and ornamental elements are particularized according to the different materials, counting on a qualified team for the execution of the work with experience in similar interventions.

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