Palace of Pereira, Santiago, Chile - National Monument

Building Rehabilitation

KALAM’s organization and solvency, together with appropriate human and material resources, ensure the complete rehabilitation of buildings with a balanced quality/price ratio.

Since 1987, numerous clients have entrusted us to bring their buildings up to date, either upon request or due to unfavorable building inspections: Building Owner Associations, owners of unique or landmarked buildings, such as the office building Casa Matesanz, the headquarters for Metropolis Seguros (Insurance Group) or the commercial building at 7 Santa Catalina street in Madrid (a 48,000 sf building refurbishment completed within 70 calendar days); and large companies such as General Electric, which demand rigorous compliance and maximum guarantees. We have been involved with important heritage conservation projects worldwide, such as the rehabilitation of the Palacios Vergara and Rioja in Viña del Mar or the Pereira in Santiago, in Chile, among other singular works. For all of them, we work with the highest quality which is the hallmark of our company.

With professionals on staff specialized in structural woodwork with broad and accredited experience developing works on Historic Preservation, we carry out, under strict technical controls and our own safety protocols: scaffolding installations, partial demolitions, bracing and reinforcements or replacement of structural elements.

KALAM has Department for Risk Prevention and for the Control of Materials and Pathologies, with a laboratory for analysis, control and monitoring of its jobs and to provide technical assistance to preservations teams and architects in the design development phase through our Project Support Department.

Helder Neto Institute, Namibe, Angola - Building Rehabilitation

Helder Neto Institute, Namibe, Angola

Building Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of the entire Helder Neto Institute in Namibe, with important works of structural consolidation, updating, new equipment and landscaping, including the new construction of two buildings for workshops.

Duckloe and Bros. Building Stabilization and New CMU Wall. Portland, PA.

Duckloe and Bros. Building, Portland, PA.

Building Rehabilitation

Stabilization of the building by installing temporary shoring with aluminum I beams, construction of a 2×6 shoring wall in all floors to support the rotten joists, rafters and roof trusses, demolition of the existing brick wall and building of a new CMU wall.

Portugal´s Automobile Club headquarters, Lisbon, Portugal - Building Rehabilitation

Portugal´s Automobile Club, Lisbon

Building Rehabilitation

Intervention that includes consolidation and recovery of interior finishes and restoration of the facade of this building with typical construction characteristics in Lisbon at the beginning of the 20th century: stone facades, interior brick partitions and wooden floors.

Benno Besson Theater, Switzerland - National Monument

Benno Besson Theater, Switzerland

Building Rehabilitation

The Benno Besson theater was built in 1898 as a casino based on the model of the one in Monte Carlo. A century later it was renamed after the famous Swiss actor who was born in the town where it is located, Yverdom-les-Bains. We recover the covers in their different lead-and-copper configurations.

Palace of Pereira, Santiago, Chile - National Monument

Palace of Pereira, Santiago, Chile

Building Rehabilitation

Recovery of this monument to become the new headquarters of the Directorate of Libraries, Archives and Museums and the National Monuments Council of Chile. Through a comprehensive rehabilitation project that includes new work, you will want to give back to the citizens this iconic palace.

Saumur Castle, France - World Heritage

Saumur Castle, France

World Heritage

KALAM’s team restored the slate roof, with interspersed Gothic style pinnacles, and recovered the zinc elements and finials. The Loire Valley between Sully-sur-Loire and Chalonnes was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 2000.

Atocha 8-10, Madrid, Spain - Building Rehabilitation

Atocha 8-10, Madrid, Spain

Building Rehabilitation

We are carrying out the first works of a comprehensive rehabilitation of this remarkable building located next to the Church of Santa Cruz. This intervention includes the execution of specific demolitions in structural elements, equipment, and carpentry, as well as flooring and cladding of both buildings. An intervention in which the precision of the work carried out together with the perfect knowledge of the traditional structure and the traditional materials that make up this historic residential building is a priority.

Rioja Palace, Chile - World Heritage

Rioja Palace, Viña del Mar, Chile

Building Rehabilitation

The spirit with which we have performed the restorations work of this valuable and beautiful palace, both from an architectural viewpoint and that of ornamental decoration, has been presided by the maximum respect for the constructed work based on the understanding that the traditional techniques and the complement that scientific restoration can contribute at the moment of the intervention.

Bailén 37, Madrid, Spain - Building Rehabilitation

Building Rehabilitation

Building Rehabilitation

Comprehensive rehabilitation of this landmark building located in one of the oldest areas of the city. The intervention of more than 23,500 sf consists of the completion of structural reinforcements of timber floors and framing, the repair and restoration of the access lobbies and stairwells in the building, levelling the landing between both to improve accessibility: installing new high-end finishes and completely renovating the installation systems. The ornamental elements in the stairwell and the protected facade have been restored, employing traditional artisan techniques, and replacing the window frames with new ones to optimize the building’s energy efficiency.

KALAM, within the framework of the ICEX Next Program, has received support from ICEX and co-financing from the European ERDF fund. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company.
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